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48. Dolly Sods, WV.47.  Dolly Sods vista, WV.46.  Cucumber Fals, Ohiopyle State Park, PA.45. Meadow Run, Ohiopyle State Park, PA.44. Cardinal in the snow.43. Meadow Run in the fall colors.  Ohiopyle State Park, PA.42. Meadow Run in the fall colors 2.  Ohiopyle State Park, PA.41.  Cucumber Falls in autumn.  Ohiopyle State Park, PA.40. Meadow Run vertical shot.  Ohiopyle State Park PA.39.  Dolly Sods in autumn fashion.  Dolly Sods WV.38.  Dolly Sods, WV.37. Dolly Sods, WV.36. Dolly Sods, WV.35. Dolly Sods, WV.34. Dolly Sods, WV.33. Dolly Sods long exposure.  Dolly Sods, WV.32. Cucumber Falls, Ohiopyle State Park.3130. Cucumber Falls, Ohiopyle State Park.29